Long-Term Drobo Experience Dec17


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Long-Term Drobo Experience

I was just reading a members request for advice on RAID storage and I felt I had to share my experience of living long-term with my Drobe 800fs

I would strongly recommend anyone looking at storage solutions look at the Drobo products. Since I’ve reviewed them and used them extensively I feel reasonably well qualified to comment. IMHO they are unequalled in flexibility and give you the choice of 1 or 2 disk redundancy. They are also available in 5 and 8 bay configurations. In my set-up I have 8 x 2Tb drives and have experienced 2 hard drive fails in the last 18 months – both times the Drobo informed me of the failure (by email!) and carried on working while the faulty drives were removed and replaced. Best of all you can plug in any combination of manufacturer, size and speed drives and Drobo just works it out. It is literally the best bit of IT kit I have ever owned.

Sorry if this sounds like an ad – but it’s just a product done right.