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Pro Photography iPhone Apps

There seems to be no end to the capabilities and features offered by mobile phones these days, and each new smart device brings new concepts and aspects that are extremely exciting. Of all of these features and developments, however, there are few that gain as much widespread recognition as those that involve photography. It seems that each new mobile phone from O2 has an updated and improved camera feature, and Apple keeps rolling out brand new photography related apps. This has allowed amateur photographers to have some fun with new capabilities that allow them to take more professional-looking photos. Additionally, however, there are now apps that can be of assistance even to busy professional photographers. For the most part, these sorts of apps have less to do with taking pictures with your mobile device, and more to do with your overall business as a photographer. Here are a few examples.

• Pictage Mobile

As a professional photographer, you are on the move quite a bit, and you are always being asked to show your work to prospective clients. Pictage Mobile essentially offers you an easy app that can show off this work all in one place, while you’re on the go. So, rather than having to pull up your website or send an email to your clients, you can simply show off your work from other events quickly and easily. The app is known to display your photos with perfect clarity as well.

• DSLR Camera Remote Professional Edition

Generally, you want manual control over your camera, but there are certain shots that can make that difficult, and for such shots it can be tricky to get everything just right. This app allows you to position your camera for a shot, and then control all of its features, and take the actual picture, remotely by using your phone or mobile device. All you need is to make sure that your camera is wifi capable (many of the latest advanced cameras are), and you should be set to use this helpful app. You may even be able to achieve some more creative shots than you could before!

• Light Trac

This clever app saves you the trouble and time of figuring out available location lighting if you are taking photographs outdoors. Basically, you input a location (where you will be shooting at some point) and the app brings up that location on google maps. It also includes lines that show you where sunlight will be coming from during sunrise and sunset, or any time in between. On a clear day, this allows you to have confidence in advance of how you will need to position your shots in order to get the effect that you want from the natural light.