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Help – How do I remove echo from spoken voice?

A great question today on the excellent Institute of Videography forums. If youre not an IoV member – you should be. Find out more at www.iov.co.uk

Hi all,
Have a bit of audio that has turned out a bit on the echoy side….

….and it is a little unsatisfactory.
Are there any way in which we can tidy or sweeten this a little bit by using either a filter in FCP 7 or within Soundtrack Pro or Audacity?

Would appreciate any comments and advice from those in the know.

Thanks in advance.


Its a very common question – with no good solution. Once again its all about getting the quality right at source.

Theres really not much you can do about reverb/delay. If there was there would be a 100 plugins offering to fix it.

Its too much like the main signal to reliably get rid of it. Your starting point would be noise reduction. This is where the software samples the background sounds and creates a noise profile. It then removes this profiled sound from your file. Its not going to do much for your echo – but might help a little.

You really need to get the talent in an acoustically dead environment – and get the mic as close as possible to the sound source.