Final Cut Pro X – Perhaps the photographers dream Oct29


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Final Cut Pro X – Perhaps the photographers dream

In case you weren’t already aware, Hollywood’s film editors have been besieging Apple’s headquarters demanding they reinstate Final Cut Pro 7 as there are so many professional features missing from Final Cut Pro 10. This they have now done, however now I’ve had a good chance to look at it I think FCPX might be the photographer’s dream NLE. Once downloaded from the App Store and installed to your Macintosh you’re free to run it on as many Macs as you have that use your login and password for the App Store. It’s the opposite extreme to the frustration caused by the dongle copy protection system employed by Grass Valley with their Edius software. If you want to run Edius on your work PC, laptop and home PC Grass Valley expects you to buy three copies of the software. Even though it’s only you using it at any one time. In addition FCPX uses many themes and templates which help with achieving modern and stylish edits without years of experience. It might just be exactly the tool all the legions of still photographers introducing video to their product offerings have been looking for.

The only problem is I don’t have the Macintosh. To edit video you need a fair amount of power so a 15″ MacBook Pro or 27″ iMac seem like the way to go but with both costing around £1600 they seem prohibitively expensive.! You can buy a hell of a lot of PC for that kind of money. I used to be a Mac developer so I totally get the quality and the style arguments. I guess I just need to find the £1600. Good job Final Cut Pro has come down to £199