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Final Cut Pro X – Fan boys to the rescue?

I cant believe people are trying to defend Apple! Of course Version 10 is supposed to be an upgrade from version 7! When, in the history of software, has a new version of a professional product been released with half the features of its previous version? And not been able to open previous versions files?

This is an update for Final Cut Express not FCP.

One final point. Theres no point saying its ok because you can still run FCP7, because it has been withdrawn from sale. Fine if youve already got it – but what about all the students and new seats at production houses and TV stations than need new installs?

In 25 years of being around TV and IT I cant remember such a massive gaff. Im not suggesting people wont find work arounds and that Apple wont fix it in due course – but in the mean time Adobe (Premiere) and Grass Valley (Edius) must be popping the champagne corks!